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Elvis-The Concert, the astounding production that reunites former Elvis bandmates live on stage with a state of the art video-projected Elvis, continues its historic and critically acclaimed world tour. This is, in effect, Elvis' first-ever world concert tour, which began in America in 1998. In his lifetime Elvis' only concerts outside the United States were five shows in three Canadian cities in 1957. A world tour was an unrequited dream for Elvis and for his international fans. More than twenty years after the superstar's death, the dream has come true.

Tours have included many American dates, highlighted by a three-show smash at New York's Radio City Music Hall. Outside the U.S.A. there have been three tours of Europe with sell-outs at London's famed Wembley Arena, a tour of Australia, and visits to Canada and Japan. Elvis fans, new audiences and even the most cynical of critics have been thoroughly wowed. The show has received tremendous acclaim. In 1998, Elvis-The Concert was designated a Guinness World Record as the first live tour headlined by a performer who is no longer living.

The show's concept is to present an authentic as possible Elvis Presley concert. The producers edited together a collection of Elvis' finest concert performances that exist on film and video and removed virtually all sound from the footage except for Elvis' vocal. The Elvis footage is projected on a large video screen. On stage a 16-piece orchestra and a group of Elvis' original bandmates from the concert era of his career perform live with the Elvis video. All music heard in the concert production is performed live except for Elvis' voice. On either side of the Elvis performance screen are screens that carry live action from the stage. From the first song it's magic. You're at a real Elvis concert.

The original Elvis bandmates who have participated in this production are: Joe Guercio (musical director/conductor), The Sweet Inspirations (female backing vocals), former members of J.D. Sumner & the Stamps Quartet (male backing vocals), former members of The Imperials (male backing vocals), former members of Voice (mail backing vocals), Millie Kirkham (soprano) and the TCB Band: James Burton (lead guitar), Glen D. Hardin (piano), Jerry Scheff (bass guitar), and Ronnie Tutt (drums). Former members of The Stamps, The Imperials and Voice alternate as the male vocal group from tour to tour based upon availability and scheduling.

Today, people are accustomed to seeing giant video screens used in live concerts to bring the star closer to the audience. Elvis' recorded voice and his on-screen presence are so powerful, the interaction with his live bandmates so seamless, the audience reaction so intense that, a few songs into the show, one can almost forget that Elvis isn't really there in person. Everything in terms of staging, set design, lighting, sound, and overall production is as if Elvis were alive and back out on the road. The audience response to this concept has been overwhelming. Long-time Elvis fans who attended actual Elvis concerts say they feel that same original excitement and electricity. The fans who never got to see him perform, many of whom were born after Elvis' death, say it is a dream-come-true experience they thought had been lost to them forever. The production is so authentic and so well done that there are moments in the show when even Elvis' own bandmates and members of the production team almost think Elvis is really back in the building!

Elvis concert footage for the show comes primarily from material shot for the MGM concert films That's The Way It Is (1970) and Elvis on Tour (1972) and from the historic 1973 global television special Aloha from Hawaii, via Satellite. This footage contains some of Elvis' finest performances from the concert era of his career, the era that is celebrated by the Elvis-The Concert production. The other main criterion for selecting from these films is that they were originally recorded in multi-track. Thus, the producers are able to drop all sound from the footage, then return to the footage the isolated track that recorded only from Elvis' microphone in these exact concert performances. Some material from his 1968 television special Elvis (a.k.a. the '68 Comeback), although very little of it was recorded in multi-track, works well with Elvis-The Concert production needs and is included. The 1968-1973 footage shows Elvis at the pinnacle of his superstardom, at the height of his powers as a concert performer, and in top form physically. 
On August 16, 1997, marking the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the passing of Elvis Presley, Elvis Presley Enterprises and SEG Events presented Elvis in Concert '97 to a sell-out crowd at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, Tennessee. It featured a great gathering of many of the outstanding instrumentalists and vocalists who had worked on stage and in the recording studio with Elvis over the years. The late Elvis Presley, via video, starred in the show. His former band members and The Memphis Symphony Orchestra performed live. This production more or less became the prototype for Elvis-The Concert, a smaller-scaled production that has toured extensively since early 1998. A major reunion concert on the scale of the 1997 show was called Elvis-The 25th Anniversary Concert, a sold-out smash at The Pyramid arena in Memphis on August 16, 2002. And now the touring production Elvis-The Concert hits the road again in 2003, including its fourth tour of Europe. 


Guitar: James Burton
Bass: Jerry Scheff
Piano: Glen D. Hardin
Drums: Ronnie Tutt

Orchestra: Joe Guercio And His Orchestra

Soprano: Millie Kirkham

Backing Voices:

The Imperials: Jim Murray, Terry Blackwood, Joe Moscheo, Armond Morales And Sherman Andrus

The Sweet Inspirations: Myrna Smith, Estell Brown, Potria Griffin And Kelly Jones

The Stamps: Ed Enough, Ed Hill And Various Members

United States Tour Schedule - March 1998
March 10; Louisville, KY; Louisville Gardens
March 11; Evansville, IN; Roberts Stadium
March 13; Auburn Hills, MI; The Palace of Auburn Hills
March 14; Cleveland, OH; Cleveland State University
March 15; Grand Rapids, MI; Van Andel Arena
March 17; Pittsburgh, PA; The Civic Arena
March 19, 20, 21; New York, NY; Radio City Music Hall
March 22; Camden, NJ; Blockbuster Sony Entertainment Center

United States Tour Schedule - August 1998
August 11-16
(8 shows); Las Vegas, NV; Las Vegas Hilton
August 23, 24; Uncasville, CT; Mohegan Sun Casino
August 28; Antioch, TN; Starwood Amphitheater
August 29; Rosemont, IL; Rosemont Horizon Arena
August 30; Indianapolis, IN; Market Square Arena

European Tour Schedule - January/February 1999
January 23; London, England; Wembley Arena
January 24; Brussels, Belgium; Forest National
January 27; Hamburg, Germany; Sporthalle
January 29; Hanau, Germany; A. Schartner Halle
January 30; Oberhausen, Germany; Arena
February 1; Berlin, Germany; Velodrom
February 3; Helsinki, Finland; Hartwell Arena
February 5; Stockholm, Sweden; The Globe
February 6; Copenhagen, Denmark; Forum
February 8; Oslo, Norway; Spektrum

Australian/Japanese Tour Schedule - November 1999
November 5, 6; Adelaide; Adelaide Entertainment Center
November 8, 9, 10; Melbourne; Melbourne Park
November 12, 13, 14; Sydney; Sydney Entertainment Center
November 16; Brisbane; Brisbane Entertainment Center
November 22, 23; Tokyo, Japan; Tokyo International Forum

United States Tour Schedule - January 2000
January 8; Memphis, TN; Mid-South Coliseum
This was a special presentation for the Elvis Birthday Celebration and was not part of a regular tour outing.

European Tour Schedule - February/March 2000
February 22; Hamburg,Germany; Sporthalle
February 23; Bremen, Germany; Stadthalle
February 24; Oberhaussen, Germany; Arena
February 26; Stuttgart, Germany; Schleyer-Halle
February 27; Hanau, Germany; August Schartner Halle
February 28; Munich, Germany; Olympiahalle
March 3; Stockholm, Sweden; The Globe
March 4; Gothenburg, Sweden; Scandinavium
March 6; Copenhagen, Denmark; Valby Hall
March 8, 9; Rotterdam, Holland; AHOY
March 10, 11; London, England; Wembley Arena
March 13; Birmingham, England; National Exhibition Center
March 14; Manchester, England; Manchester Evening News Arena
March 15; Newcastle, England; Telewest Arena
March 17; Glasgow, Scotland; Scottish Exhibition Centre Hall 4
March 19; Belfast, Ireland; Kings Hall
March 20; Dublin, Ireland; The Point
March 23; Paris, France; Bercy Arena

United States Tour Schedule - 2000
May 4, 5, 6, 7; Naples, FL; Philharmonic Center for the Arts
August 4; Los Angeles, CA; Universal Amphitheater
August 5; San Francisco, CA; Davies Hall
September 30; St. Louis, MO; Fox Theater
October 13; Uncasville, CT; Mohegan Sun Theater
October 14; Detroit, MI; Fox Theater
October 15; Des Plaines, IL; Rosemont Theatre

United States Tour Schedule - 2001
January 17; Melbourne, FL; The King Center
January 18; Sarasota, FL; Van Wezel Center
January 19; West Palm Beach, FL; Kravis Center
January 20; Clearwater, FL; Ruth Eckerd Hall
January 21; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Sunrise Musical Theater
January 26; Seattle, WA; Paramount Theater
January 27; Portland, OR; Keller Auditorium
January 29; Phoenix, AZ; Symphony Hall
January 30, 31; Cerritos, CA; Cerritos Center
February 1; Cupertino, CA; Flint Center

Europe Tour Schedule - 2001
March 5; Newcastle, England; Newcastle Arena
March 6; Glasgow, Scotland; SECC
March 7; Dublin, Ireland; The Point
March 9; Manchester, England; Evening News Arena
March 10; Birmingham, England; NEC Arena
March 11; Cardiff, Wales; International Arena
March 13; Bournemouth, England; International Center
March 15; Brighton, England; Brighton Center
March 16; London, England; Wembley Arena
March 17; London, England; London Arena
March 18; Sheffield, England; Sheffield Arena
March 20; Paris, France; Palais De Sport
March 21, 22; Rotterdam, Holland; AHOY
March 23; Dusseldorf, Germany; Phillipshalle
March 24; Antwerp, Belgium; Sportpaleis
March 26; Vienna, Austria; Kurhalle Oberlaa
March 27; Stuttgart, Germany; Schleyerhalle
March 28; Hannover, Germany; Stadion Sporthalle
March 29; Hamburg, Germany; Sporthalle
March 30; Munich, Germany; Olympiahalle
April 1; Zurich, Switzerland; Hallenstadion

United States/Canada Tour Schedule - 2001
August 10; New York, NY; The Theater at Madison Square Garden
August 11 August 12; Uncasville, CT; Mohegan Sun Casino 
August 14; Toronto, Ontario; Hummingbird Centre. Further details below.
August 16; Memphis, TN; Mid-South Coliseum - Special Elvis Week Show!

United States Tour Schedule 2002
June 15; Del Mar, CA; San Diego County Fair
August 24 ; Las Vegas, NV; The Aladdin
August 26 ; St. Paul, MN; Minnesota State Fair
October 11; St. Louis, MO; Harrah's - UMB Pavilion
October 13; Phoenix, AZ; Arizona State Fair - Veterans Memorial Coliseum
October 18; Shreveport, LA; Harrah's

United States Tour Schedule - March 2003
March 28; Atlantic City, NJ; Trump's Taj Mahal
March 29; Uncasville, CT; Mohegan Sun Casino

European Tour Schedule - May/June 2003
May 24; London, England; Wembley Arena
May 25; Birmingham, England; NEC Arena
May 26; Glasgow, Scotland; SECC
May 27; Belfast, Ireland; Odyssey Arena
May 28; Dublin, Ireland; The Point
May 30; Manchester, England; MEN Arena
May 31; Sheffield, England; Sheffield Arena
June 1; London, England; London Arena
June 3; Rotterdam, Holland; AHOY 
June 4; Antwerp, Belgium; Sportpaleis
June 5; Paris, France; The Zenith
June 6; Zurich, Switzerland; Hallenstadion
June 8; Amsterdam, Holland; Heineken Music Hall

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