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The Next Step Is Love

Forfatter Evans - Parnes

Yesterday, I slipped away
The sun is welcoming the evening shadows
On a perfect day and the next step is love
The next step is love

We walked barefoot through the misty meadows
Laughing at eacht other in the rain
Made some faces at some people in the park
Didn't bother to explain
Fun, fun, look at us run
Going nowhere special really fast
But we've yet to taste the icing on the cake
That we've been baking with the past

And the next step is love
So what are we waiting for?
The next step is love
Girl, it's for sure

Love will be a place to run to
From the world they've built to you and me
We'll be closer than we've ever been
Though looking back it's so hard to believe
Hang it all out or bring it all in
The best we've picked upon the way tonight
Changes are coming but together
We can make it through somehow

Yes the next step is love


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