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The Elvis Museum - A unique collection!

All the items on display come from Henrik Knudsen's personal collection and there are quite a few surprises amongst them


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  • All the Sun records.
  • The pants that Elvis wore during the I Want You, I Need You, I Love You recording session.
  • A jacket that Elvis wore in 1959.
  • Elvis' Humes High School Graduating class p1hoto. Rare!
  • One of Elvis' guitars from 1975.
  • The original Million Dollar Quartet master tape.
  • All the official album releases from 1956-1977.
  • The rarest Elvis record titled Janis And Elvis. It was released in South Africa in 1958.
  • Original documents, contracts and letters.
  • One of Elvis' bibles.
  • A concert belt.
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The Shop

Our new and beautiful Elvis Shop on the ground floor of Graceland Randers always has more than 6000 different items in stock, all Elvis-related.

We have CD’s, DVD’s, books, postcards, magazines, autographs, keychains, bags, mugs, watches and jewelry and other great merchandise. We even have items for sale that previously belonged to Elvis.

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