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Marketing Manager Rikke Friis
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January 7, 201


It's the first Saturday of the year and there's no place I'd rather be than right here, at Graceland Randers! Hope you all entered 2012 safely and have kicked off the new year on a happy note.

Between Christmas & New Year's Henrik & I went to Memphis & Nashville and met many friends and business partners. We came home with two new Graceland Randers Legacy Protectors, Scotty Moore & Gordon Stoker, which we're very proud of! We went to see Graceland of course - something we can never get enough of! It's magical every time! If you'd like to see a collection of pictures from our trip, please join our facebook page

Right now we're prepairing for our Elvis Birthday Bash tomorrow... It's going to be lots of fun with live music, great food and CAKE! We can't wait to see you all! We still have a few seats available: Elvis' 77th Birthday Bash


Today's blogger:
Marketing Manager Rikke Friis





December 24, 2011


Just taking a few minutes to wish you Happy Holidays! To wish you simple joys and little pleasures. Laughter and smiles in big measures. Friends, family togetherness and love. The choicest blessings from above. Peace, prosperity and happiness too. All these and more are my wishes for you!


Today's blogger:
Marketing Manager Rikke Friis


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Silver Bells




November 28, 2011

The Christmas season has begun!

I returned today after a week sick in bed. While I was away, all the Christmas decorations and lights have been hung and it looks really beautiful, just as I always imagined it would.

This is not the only new thing going on. Our vinyl section in the Elvis Shop has had an overhaul with new, gorgeous inventory. Nothing ever stands still at Graceland Randers – just as it should be!

Yesterday our Elvis Unlimited Magazine no. 51 was sent out to all the subscribers. The last issue will be out just before Christmas.

The Christmas season has begun and we’ve had our first Christmas parties at Graceland Randers. They were a huge success and sold out before we even had time to advertize them!

Well, enough chitter-chatter for now. Have loads to do! Please check back regularly. See you soon!



Today's blogger:
Marketing Manager Rikke Friis


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Moody Blue




November 16, 2011


What an exiting day! The house is PACKED in every corner! I love days like this!

We have an entrepreneur event in the house this afternoon set up by Randers Commerce & Development Council. Our Henrik and Kasi-Jesper (sponsor of the football club Brøndby IF and owner and man behind the handball club AG København) will talk about entrepreneurship. This will be very interesting indeed! Will tell you more about it.

The new membership cards came today! I’m really happy with them. I think they turned out awesome!

Got to go now. The event is about to start!



Today's blogger:
Marketing Manager Rikke Friis


Now playing at Graceland Randers:
If I Can Dream





November 14, 2011

It feels right!

What a Monday! Mondays may be quieter than other days, but rarely boring! Lucky for me they’re still all about Elvis. Listening to “Love Me Tender” for the zillionth time (perhaps) and it still doesn’t get old! I guess I truly am in the very right place. It feels right!

Challenge of the day: Magazine deadline, another set on its way from the printer’s and Christmas and a new year just around the corner. Thank goodness the Graceland Randers Team is so efficient and each pulling their weight to keep all the wheels running. We do make a good team!

Everyone in the Highway 51 Diner Team all have new uniforms. We decided to do a little informal photo shoot today, when most of the team was assembled. Aren’t the uniforms cool? And I'm sure we also have the best-looking Diner Team in the country!



Today's blogger:
Marketing Manager Rikke Friis



November 13, 2011

We're ready!

Welcome to the new Graceland Randers Blog! We want to use this blog to give you a different view on what goes on in the house and give you a chance to get to know us a little better.

It's still early on a very foggy Sunday morning. The house is already busy and we have a fully booked day ahead of us! Yesterday was crazy and the diner staff hardly had time to breathe. Today won't be much different! We're lucky and all appreciate it very much.

Challenge of the day: The outside loudspeakers don't seem to be working! The sound disappears on and off. Of course this happens on the day that we have Russia's biggest TV Station coming by to shoot for a travel program with 10 million viewers!

Henrik is in the States with our Shop Manager Jess, getting him acquainted with all our business partners there. This means that I’m extra busy giving guided tours. I wasn’t too thrilled with giving the tours in the beginning, but now I feel I’m getting the hang of it and it’s kind of fun when they really listen and are into it.

As I mentioned, we have a TV Station coming here later today. It just fell into place a few days ago and usually Henrik would deal with them with me watching and taking pictures on the sidelines, trying to cook up a little story for our website and facebook page. Today, I get to be Henrik! ;o)

Thankfully, the loudspeaker issue has been resolved while I worked on the blog, so RUSSIA – WE’RE READY FOR YOU! (Rikke Friis)





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