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Nyhed oprettet d. 29-12-2010

Myrna - Sidste detaljer (engelsk)

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"Dear All:

I've received inquiries asking about sending flowers for Myrna. Myrna's body is being cremated. There is no funeral or service or viewing, & Myrna's ashes are not being buried or interred. Myrna's brother advised he will take the urn with Myrna's ashes home & place it on the mantle next to her mother's urn.

For those who want to do something, I believe Myrna would most like a charitable donation made in her honor. Myrna was a very giving person & always thinking of others. Most Elvis fans give to charity or belong to a fan club that supports one or more charities. Since the fans are the ones who helped Myrna, I think she would be proud to have donations made to fan club supported charities in her honor/memory. And, since the fans are the people who took on the role of Myrna's family & helped her, the fan clubs & fans can post the information regarding anything done in Myrna's honor &, thus, keep her Elvis Family informed.

I never discussed this with Myrna, so the above are simply my thoughts, based on having known her.