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Circle G Foundation

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Vi har netop modtaget denne pressemeddelelse fra Circle G Foundation:

Hi everybody – I am delighted to be able to announce the launch
The Circle G Foundation
How this evolved
Following the meeting we held in Memphis on September 9th
2011, it became very apparent that to move the Campaign on to
the next level we needed to build on all the work done over the
past year and establish a non-profit organisation.
One thing I want to stress – THE FRIENDS OF ELVIS SAVE THE
CIRCLE G CAMPAIGN WILL GO ON – and will run alongside the
Foundation. The Campaign’s name is ‘known’ in the Elvis world
and after all, we are still ‘campaigning’ to save the ranch.As a non profit organisation, The Circle G Foundation will be able
to begin fundraising safely and securely.
Fundraising.....what for?
This is something I have wrestled with for quite some time. Initially
I was very unsure of taking this step but now I believe that if we
accumulate sufficient funds that could be utilised to help fund
repairs and restoration to the ranch (and perhaps support a small
museum on site) – this could only reinforce our commitment to the
cause and would potentially work in our favour once a
buyer/investor is secured.
Of course this all depends on the potential new owner(s) but we
here at the Foundation will do our utmost to make it clear how
beneficial it would be to have fan involvement in the project from
the beginning and hopefully on an on-going basis.
What if......
We have to pose the question ‘what if it’s not possible (for
whatever reason) to spend the money collected on the ranch?’
Hopefully this is a situation that will never arise. All contributors
would be assured right from the beginning that the funds would be
donated to an Elvis related charity in Elvis’ name. A suitable and
wholly appropriate solution I hope you’ll agree.
How much are we hoping to raise.....?
Ok – we would all like to believe that we could raise the $3.9
million (£2.6 million) to buy the ranch! We have to face facts that
this is unlikely but let’s see how it goes!
Two Branches
Because of the international nature of our organisation we have
come to the conclusion that for the Foundation to work
successfully, we need two ‘branches’ – one run from the UK and a
second based in the USA. Each team will work closely together
under the ‘umbrella’ of The Circle G Foundation.
I will be working with the team in the UK and I am delighted to
announce that Sue Mack from Memphis will be at the helm in the
USA. Sue is passionate about the ranch and I know that her
commitment to the cause will be a fantastic asset. Many of you will
know Sue and if not you may know her partner Mike Freeman, together they operate Mike’s Memphis Tours. The fact that Sue
lives in Memphis means she is ideally placed and ‘on the spot’ and
we will be liaising and co-ordinating our efforts.
A Team Effort.....
Sue and I will be supported by our ‘teams’ – watch out for
upcoming posts introducing them to you...
All of us will continue to work diligently on behalf of all of you to
achieve our goal and secure the future of The Circle G!
You must be aware that because we want to do this correctly, it is
taking a little time to complete all the formalities. We will of course
keep you up to date with news and development.
Every organisation such as this needs at least one famous face to
act as ‘patron’ – again watch for news of this in the coming weeks.
Thank You....
I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every
one of you for your continued encouragement and support.
The Campaign and the Foundation are team efforts. They are
all about Elvis fans uniting and working together to achieve
something wonderful to preserve a very significant part of
Elvis’ story.
Come on, let’s do this together and continue to make him
To Sue Mack – I am so grateful that you’ve agreed to head the
USA branch of the Foundation – it couldn’t be in safer hands
And to the ‘ teams’ – UK & USA Thank you for jumping on
It’s no use pretending it’s going to be a smooth ride all the
time, or a short one for that matter.
But I am convinced that there are exciting times ahead! - read more here
Keep TCB’ing

Lesley Pilling