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Blues når det er bedst

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En blues aften i særklasse.

World class Soul & Blues

Mike Andersen is first and foremost a singer with a strong, sensitive, empathetic voice. While young his idols were the great blues guitarists and soul singers, he has uncompromisingly grown to be exceedingly proficient in both genres today.
Mike not only celebrates these traditions, he builds on them. It is heard clearly on the latest release, "Echoes", showing both his strength as a singer and guitarist, but also underlines and highlights his songwriting talent.
Mike Andersen is an artist who wants to appeal to the times he lives in. He has a healthy recognition that the music he loves so much comes from a time long before he was born and in a part of the world where he did not grew up. It was precisely this realization, combined with a deep love for soul and blues, and curiosity about what's going on musically today which caused Mike to create his own unique sound and style.

2010 was a great year for Mike Andersen

"Echoes", nominated for all 3 Danish Music Awards, was the nation-wide Danish breakthrough for the 34 year old singer, songwriter, band leader and guitarist.

A few weeks after its release, the Dansish National Radio (Danmarks Radio P4), nominated "Echoes" as "ALBUM OF THE WEEK", and listeners voted (January 2011) "Echoes" into the top ten on a list of the 100 most important releases in 2010.

Even the print media gave out big roses:
"… The genre is kept lovingly and fervently alive by a Danish interpreter of international excellence."

New Times

The six piece "Mike Andersen Band" has toured throughout Europe over the past 10 years and released three albums that have been some of the most successful blues-based releases in Denmark, ever.

Now he is ready to take another step, and reveals: "I’m writing many new songs at the moment, which i plan to release on a new album in 2012. I have assembled a team of the musicians that I feel will be the perfect match for these new songs."

Mike Andersen - Vocals / Guitar
Johannes Nørrelykke - Guitar / Vocals
Kristian Fogh - Keys
Kristian Kold - Bass
Jens Kristian Dam - Drums
(On special occasions the band also includes a horn section)

"ECHOES" (2010)
"Mike Andersen Band - EP" (2006)
"TOMORROW" (2004)


Der bliver ikke tilsendt en fysisk billet, men når du har bestilt via hjemmesiden, skal du lave et print af kvitteringen, og medbringe denne til koncerten

Der kunne desværre ikke linkes direkte til Mike Andersen Duo - 2. november 2012 kl. 20.00 i shoppen.
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