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The Man Who Dressed Elvis Has Died

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Mr. Lansky, who outfitted Elvis Presley during his time in Memphis, was recognized for influencing the fashion of “The King” and other entertainers, and therefore the fashion of rock and roll.

Lansky, in an 2001 interview with the New York Times, recalls a conversation with a pre-”King” Elvis:

Elvis used to say: ‘Mistuh Lansky, when Ahm rich, Ahm gonna buy you out.‘ And I’d say: ‘Elvis, don’t buy me, buy from me.’‘

And buy from Lansky, he did. According to the Times, It was Lansky who first dressed Elvis in high collared shirts, pegged pants, and even went on to define Elvis’ favorite color combination (black, with pink piping). In 1956, Elvis turned to Lansky to ensure he looked his best for what would become an iconic first performance on the Ed Sullivan show.