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Ny bog - Upublicerede Wertheimer-billeder

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Nyudgivet bog af Taschen i begrænset oplag med tidligere upublicerede Alfred Wertheimer-billeder. Bogen hedder "Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll"

Title “May I take your order?”
Elvis prepares to turn on the charm with an unsuspecting waitress at the Hotel Jefferson in Richmond, Virginia.
Copyright (c) 2013 Alfred Wertheimer/Courtesy TASCHEN.
Page Number 174


Title "Starburst"
Russwood Park, Memphis, Tennessee, July 4, 1956. A lucky accident, a flashbulb goes off in the crowd at the very moment the shutter of
Copyright (c) 2013 Alfred Wertheimer/Courtesy TASCHEN. 
Page Number 344

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