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News createt: 13-10-2009

Ginger Alden Selling Her Ring From EP

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Ginger Alden who was Elvis' current girlfriend at the time of his death is selling her engagement ring which Elvis gave her. Here is the description with the ring which is being auctioned off in November.

Elvis Presley's Diamond Ring to Ginger Alden. Ginger Alden, Elvis' fiancee, first met Elvis Presley in 1961, when she was just 5 years old. Her father had been been Presley's induction officer when the musician joined the Army in 1958, and the Rock legend had invited the family out for an evening at the local fair.

The two were introduced 15 years later in 1976. During their courtship, Presley often introduced Ginger and her family during his performances, including his last televised appearance in 1977. He had planned to announce their engagement publicly on his upcoming tour in Memphis; sadly, he died before this could happen.

Ginger describes the scene thusly: "In December of 1976, Elvis Presley performed what would be his last shows in Las Vegas, and he invited me to accompany him. Seated on his bed inside of the penthouse suite at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel, Elvis called me in, asked me to sit down, close my eyes, and hold out my hand. I felt a ring being slipped on my finger. I was stunned when I opened my eyes and he asked me to hold out my other hand and he slid this gold and diamond ring onto that finger. Elvis loved jewelry, wanted me to share that love and I wore this many times in Las Vegas and afterwards."

The ring features 15 round brilliant cut diamonds with a total weight of 1 kt. in a 14 kt. yellow gold setting with a weight of 11.8 grams. Two of the diamonds are chipped, otherwise the ring is in Excellent condition. Estimate: $30,000 US Dollars - up.

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*Update - This text was taken directly from a news mail from Heritage auction house in October. They said it was her engagement ring and have since updated their site to say it was just a gift Elvis gave Ginger. Still a great piece of memorabilia!