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News createt: 01-08-2010

A Letter From Larry Geller

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Dear Henrik,

I've been following the news of the great show that you and Megan are presenting at the University of Memphis on August 12th. Knowing your work, your dedication and creativity - no question that this will be one of the highlights of Elvis Week this year, not to be missed!  If the show itself wasn't reason enough, your generous plan to make this a benefit concert for Myrna Smith of the Sweet Inspirations is just the kind of thing Elvis would do himself.  She really needs all the financial help and loving support she can get  from the Elvis "family." 

 I visited with Myrna recently, and she was deeply moved and touched by your choice to honor her in Elvis' name.  Of all years, a prior commitment is keeping my wife and me from joining you and all the fans in Memphis, but our thoughts and our hearts will be with you.  We're very proud of you both, and happy to have you as our dear friends.

Larry Geller

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