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News createt: 08-08-2010

The Essence Of Energy Coming Soon

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(Rainbow Records RR-19701112-2)

To be released August 5th, 2010: Rainbow Records proudly presents a new CD called “The Essence Of Energy”, featuring the complete performance of Thursday, November 12, 1970 at the Coliseum in Seattle, Washington.

The “typical” Elvis Presley of 1970 is hard to describe. Two long engagements in Las Vegas + additional rehearsal were part of his exhausting schedule that year. With Elvis' desire to go not only back to live performing but to go back on tour, manager Colonel Parker organized a short 8 show tour as a try out.

A new situation for the entourage was there - new equipment had to be tested and Jerry Weintraub and Management 3 were hired to organize and support the ELVIS PRESLEY Show. The demand for Presley was there plus the fabulous marketing of Colonel Parker guaranteed eight sold out shows! But not everything was perfectly organized in the beginning and to avoid the risk to have problems on a big tour, Parker decided to do another small tour in November 1970. In Seattle, where Elvis shot a motion picture 8 years earlier, the Coliseum hosted the King of Rock 'n' Roll on November 12, 1970.

It sure was surprising to some readers of next days issue of “Seattle Daily News” when female reporter Janine Gressel wrote “Presley´s show no blockbuster”. But what did she see and hear and what especially did she criticize? Maybe she was disappointed because the show was pretty short. Maybe she was disappointed that Elvis did not do his “blockbuster” song “Suspicious Minds”? Or maybe she was unhappy with the fact, that Colonel Parker charged the press like regular fans that want to attend the show?

Well, judge yourself. On this new release you will hear everything from the very first seconds of the “Opening Vamp” to the very last moments of the “Closing Vamp”.

The sound on this cd is really good, especially for an audience recording of the (very) early 70´s! Imagine the poor equipment in these days….. .

By the way: The producers did not remaster the show from the first Import CD release of this concert (The Thrill Goes On - originally released in 1994). They got a new source where even “Funny How Time Slips Away” is complete! Needless to say that the booklet has a lot of pictures and information on its 20 pages (including two full newspaper articles with comments about the show).