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News createt: 16-08-2010

Letter From Shaun & Brenda Nielsen

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Special greetings to our dear friends and special Elvis fans all over the world.  We want to thank each of you for your calls, your thoughts but most of all for your prayers.  As you know, we have been battling Sherrill's Lung Cancer since they diagnosed it on March 4th.   It has been a long and rocky journey but knowing that he has so many loved ones and friends has encouraged him on this journey.

You haven't heard from me lately since I really didn't have any "new" news to give you but after his last round of PET Scans and CT Scans, the Doctors feel that the radiation and chemo therapies given him are working.   We PRAISE GOD for this.  Also, as of July 25th, he can now swallow and eat without having to take five different drugs to deaden the pain.  He is still extremely weak but that is part of the healing process.  He still has a lot of inflamation and scarring in the Lungs from all the radiation treatments and that will take about 6 months to heal.   His voice is weak so he does very little talking (trying to conserve his strength) don't be upset that he can't pick up the phone and call you, talking generates coughing and that also weakens the body.    So, I keep him in "a bubble"....which is just away from crowds, keep him in a sterile environment until he gains his strength back. 

I just found out that Sherrill will be receiving the 2011 Living Legend Award from the Music City Gospel Showcase for his 50 plus years in Gospel Music.  The ceremony will be held in Pigeon Forge Tennessee in June.      

Again, thank you for keeping Sherrill in your thoughts and prayers.   We haven't given up....we know that God is going to heal him and God has already done so many wonderful things in our lives.


We love you all      
Sherrill (Shaun) and Brenda Nielsen