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News createt: 22-08-2010

Jerry Schilling Guest Appearance on Memphis Beat!

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Memphis Mafia member Jerry Schilling, one of Elvis Presley's best friends, becomes a friend of "Memphis Beat" police Det. Dwight Hendricks (Jason Lee) in the TNT show's last episode of the season Tuesday.

"It's a cold-case drama," says Schilling, who says he shows up as part of a dream sequence in which he plays himself and presents a gift to the TV detective as an award "for the good job he does in Memphis."

Schilling, who met Elvis as a teenager when they played touch football, said the gift he presents is "an Elvis-type gift."

A Cadillac?

"I can't say," says Schilling, who shot the episode in New Orleans about a month ago. In turn, Schilling conducted Lee, co-star Alfre Woodard and the show's producers on a tour of Graceland.

Schilling, 68, says the dream sequence represents the 1960s, so it required more than usual makeup. "I took all I could get."