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News createt: 24-08-2010

Exclusive Sweet Inspirations CD to Benefit Myrna

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On Saturday, we visited Miss Myrna with her close friends and Elvis In Concert Producer Stig Edgren. Mynra has so much support from friends and fans all over the world. Her friends visit daily and pretty her up painting her nails and fixing her hair. Myrna will very soon return to the rehab facility where you can resume sending your cards and letters to her.

Myrna's condition is very serious and she needs all the positive thoughts and support we can send her way. If you can make a donation to help with her medical bills, please do so.  The account which is set up is in Myrna's name and a trustee of HER choice.

Miss Myrna lit up when she saw Henrik and Stig. She has the fight in her to get well, but she needs the finiancal help to get the proper care.

Myrna had just finished her Dailysis when we visited. And we were told she would be returning to the rehab anyday now. Her smile is just as bright and big as ever. Let's try to relieve some of the stress of the bills Myrna has, which include bills from her hospital stay while in London when returning from the Elvis In Concert European tour.

We are donating ALL of the proceeds from this exclusive Sweet Inspirations CD to Myrna's account.

Order today!

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