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News createt: 12-09-2010

Priscilla Introduce Tom Jones At BBC Special

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Priscilla told BBC host that she thought Elvis, if alive today, may have been a priest. After that she introduced Tom Jones, who then sang RUN ON from his latest album, as a tribute to Elvis. After the song Sir Tom Jones, talked a little about his friendship with Elvis. Then he went into TRYING TO GET TO YOU. Before solo, he introduced James Burton... as an old friend. The TC band... The TCB Band, Tom Said after TRYING TO GET TO YOU. After that one, the host asked TCB and Tom to do another one. This was not planned but they did One Night With You. Really a great version, especially if it wasn't rehearsed. Tom could easily put more Elvis songs in his catalogue. I for one would like a 2 hour show. The show ended by Elvis singing THE WONDER OF YOU. Audience went crazy! Elvis Singing in Hyde Park. Priscilla came back on stage, and said Elvis loved that song and he specially sang it for his fans. She also said that Elvis forgot his fans and he was devoted to his fans. Also that Elvis has also wanted to come to the UK to perform. Then  she thanked RADIO 2, BBC and THE TCB BABD! Priscilla is amazing, she is a lady and a very good talker.

For sure Elvis IS FOREVER and Cirque du Soleil closed the show with Suspicious Minds. What a night!

If you were not there you read this first at Elvis Unlimited.