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News createt: 27-09-2010

Keep Myrna In Your Thoughts & Prayers!

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June Moore, Kathy Westmoreland's manager has shared with us this information in regards to Myrna Smith.

"This just in from Myrna Smith's manager. Hey all. Bad news on Myrna Smith She has a taken a turn for the worse. Does not look good. Thanks to all who have had Myrna in their thoughts and prayers. Keep it up! And special thanks to all who have donated and done fundraisers for her. Will... try to keep you informed."

On behalf of all of us at Elvis Unlimited, we are saddened to hear this news. And we will hope and pray for a complete turn around for our sweet inspiration. But let's not think this way and try to send Myrna as much positive thoughts as we can! The power of pray is amazing! We ask that everyone keep Myrna in your thoughts and prayers!