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News createt: 29-09-2010

Update On Myrna

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On Saturday, 9/25, Myrna was sent to Northridge Hospital ER with an infection, she was given two antibiotic treatments intravenously & then sent back to Canyon Oaks Rehab. Center.  Myrna was extremely weak.  By the time we got back to the center, she was exhausted & went right to sleep.  I visited Myrna on Sunday, 9/26.  She was better than on Saturday, but still very weak & talking only a little.

Thank you for all the cards with love & good wishes, we read all of them & Myrna thanks everyone for caring about her.  Thanks to those who helped raise the money in Myrna's account at Premier America Credit Union, she really appreciates it.  Because of the generosity of Myrna's friends & fans, we are able to pay the $5,184.00 to Canyon Oaks for Myrna to stay there.  That amount is Myrna's share of the money owed to them for her stay to date, plus the month of October (they require October paid in advance), & must be paid to allow her to stay there through the end of October.  The check has been mailed.  If it were not for all of you, Myrna would not have the care she needs for October.
Myrna's condition is very serious.  Please keep her in your prayers.
Carole Drexler - Elvis Unlimited