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News createt: 07-10-2010

Myrna Smith Update

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Myrna had dialysis on Sat., Oct. 2 & on Sun., Oct. 3, Myrna was released from Tarzana Hospital & sent back to Canyon Oaks Rehab. Center (same room, 408A).  Myrna looked a little better on Sun. than on Sat., but was weak & not able to talk much.  Myrna is not strong enough for physical therapy right now & they had to put a hold on it.
As you know, we paid $5,184 to Canyon Oaks Rehab. Center for Myrna to stay there through 10/31/10 & we currently have $324.60 left from the donations made.  Canyon Oaks Business Office applied to Social Security to have Myrna's monthly social security payment made directly to them & they confirmed that because we paid the $5,184, Myrna's social security will now take care of her $1,296 monthly obligation at Canyon Oaks starting 11/1/10 (Medicare & Medical will pay the rest).  If we had not paid Canyon Oaks, they would have sent Myrna home & I fear nothing would have been done regarding her care.
No one else stepped forward to pay Canyon Oaks, and it is thanks to all the wonderful people who donated that Myrna is being cared for.  Myrna appreciates your generosity, love & prayers.  Special thank yous to Elvis Unlimited & Charles Stone.
I know that Myrna's bills for medical expenses to date have not been taken care of & her brother & son are doing nothing.  At least we have her present care taken care of.
Myrna's condition remains serious, please keep her in your prayers.

Carole Drexler - Elvis Unlimited