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News createt: 26-10-2010

Lamar Fike In Hospital

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From his cousin:

Subject: "Transfer of Lamar R. Fike from Arlington Memorial Hospital to Arlington Rehabilitation Hospital"!!!!!!

From: "Ts McDonald"

Date: Sun, October 24, 2010 12:09

To: "Ts McDonald"

Friday evening, 22 Oct 2010, Lamar was transferred for a "Two Week Rehab Stay" to the above mentioned excellent facility, as he was admitted eight days earlier to Arlington Memorial Hospital by his Cardiologist for almost complete dehydration which was leading to his "Kidney's Shutting Down", a most serious situation to say the very least. Hopefully this will get him back on track for "Walking, Mental Well Being, Positive Thinking, and being able to care for his own well being. This is a "Positive Step" to him regaining a "Positive Mental Attitude and A Greater Self Esteem", so that he will rejoin "A Positive Life Style". As the saying states, (NFL Lingo), "

The [Omus Be On Him]", and "The Buck Stops Right Between His Eyeholes"!!!!!

We all wish him well in his "Positive Mental and Physical Rehab Completion"

of this "Vital, Critical and Crucial Life Task". Thanks, and as most of you know, he is in "Remission" from an "Episode of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma", along with his continuing treatment for "Atrial Fibrillation". Saw an "Add"

in the cattleman's magazine for the best "Attitudinal Adjustment Product" on the market, which they claimed to be "A Brand New Stainless Steel Cattle Prod" with 24 "New, Fresh D-Cell Batteries". Probably just an assumptive assertion on the magazine's definition of the particular situation.

1.) Arlington Rehabilitation Hospital

2601 West Randol Mill Road # 101

Arlington, Texas 76012

Souce: Tony Stuchbury