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News createt: 02-11-2010

Elvis Jukebox Singles Exhibit HMV

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Here is some of the many people I met in London.

Paul Ansell, Velvet, Henrik and Mia.

Here with Mark Lammar - BBC

Gennero Castaldio HMV

Phil Bayles ITV London Tonight

Ian Wade BBC

My two world class hosts and Vee-Tone owners:

David Gillespie and Paul McGlynn Vee-Tone Records!

David who took all of the pictures, also took this one at the main office at HMV.

Nipper is a very cool dog and I just had to ask David to take this picture. Wuf!

Thanks to Vee-Tone for an amazing well planned promotion day, with lot's of media.

We still have a few left of the rare one with SUN COVER!