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News createt: 03-11-2010

Visiting Paul Ansell

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This picture was taken at Paul's music room last week. Paul lives in a house with a great history. All houses on the street were built for the home coming soldiers after WW1. The houses were called Homes For Heroes, made me feel more honored to be there. What a great story. Anyway, the guitar Paul is playing on is the one Elvis used in Germany. As you might have guessed Paul and Mia have a huge record collection, and we spent kind of sometime flipping vinyl. Great!

The footage below is from Paul's recording session at David Briggs Studio. Also Reggie Young and Bob Moore was in on that session. I was kind of flattered when Paul told me he got the idea from me, to do this recording. I had Paul, Number Nine and the 3 gentlemen from Nashville in Denmark for a small tour, that's where everything got started. Anyway enjoy: