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News createt: 10-11-2010

Is Lisa Marie Moving Back To USA? NO

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Here is LMP response to Daily Mail's article:

"In response of a report by the Daily Mail yesterday, Lisa Marie Presley says 'I want to let you all know that i adore living in the UK, yes: A D O R E; I wonder where that rumour came from...' This statement was added to her facebook page a...fter the Mail claimed that she and her son Benjamin hated living in England and while her son had already returned to the States, she was going to be returning herself soon."

Was LMP in the UK, just to finish her album or?

Lisa Marie Presley is planning to return to America despite having only just moved to the UK.

The daughter of Elvis Presley shelled out £8million three months ago for an 11-bedroom mansion near Tunbridge Wells, Kent, and moved in with her daughter Riley, 21, son Benjamin, 18, and her two-year-old twin daughters Harper and Finley.

But Benjamin has already returned to LA saying he does not like England, and a friend of Lisa, 42, has said that she 'cannot take much more of the country' and 'she just wants to go home'.

Lisa, right, was under pressure from her mother, Priscilla, not to relocate to the UK.

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