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News createt: 15-11-2010

Elvis Auction Update

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Elvis Unlimited and Graceland Randers bought items at the Heritage Auction yesterday. Here is an update on what went on.

1960 Fender Precision Bass & Case Owned and Played by the Legendary Bill Black. As a classic icon of Rockabilly, Bill Black was one of the first bass players to adopt the Fender Precision Bass (often known as a "P Bass") guitar. Offered here is one of Black's beloved instruments -- a beautiful playing bass with a nice Brazilian slab board and a slim fretboard angle. The fretboard is a dream! A few touch ups on the back of the body are nicely done. There is some checking and one worn area near the bridge, but the bass is 100% original. The pots date to the 47th week of 1959 and the instrument was probably manufactured in January 1960. The neck has never been off the guitar. A fabulous instrument even aside from the amazing provenance.

Black's career started at the age of sixteen playing acoustic guitar in local bars in his hometown of Memphis. By 1952 he had hooked up with guitarist Scotty Moore and by 1954 the duo of Black and Moore was formed into a trio with a then-unknown performer, Elvis Presley. Black played on many early Presley recordings but he is most noted for playing a Precision Bass for Elvis in the making of the movie Jailhouse Rock. Black left Presley's employ in 1958 and formed the Bill Black Combo which scored a number of Top Forty hits. Even though poor health kept Black off the road from 1963 until his untimely death in 1965, the Bill Black Combo was still highly loved and respected by four young lads from Liverpool. The Beatles asked them to open on their first American tour in 1964.

Included to document the guitar's ownership is a certificate from Black's children, Lewis Black and Nancy Black Shockley, as well as the Loan Agreement from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, where this bass guitar was on display with other Bill Black mementoes in 2009.

Of course, we don't know who will bid on and win this fine Bill Black-owned Fender Precision Bass, but we do know they will be in good company. His original stand-up bass is owned today by one of those four young Liverpool lads, Paul McCartney, gifted to him by his wife Linda in the late 1970s. In 2006, Black's daughter, Nancy Shockley, was invited to meet McCartney in England and see her dad's bass. When asked if she wished it were back in the family, she is quoted as saying that she would, but "'s in the best hands it could be right now. He takes care of it. He loves it. He keeps it alive. And I would like it to stay with him." That is an instrument that Paul McCartney treasures and still plays; this is an instrument that will certainly be treasured and played by the lucky future owner. Estimate: $10,000 - up. Opening bid 5,000 US Dollars

SOLD FOR USD 10.157.50

Elvis Presley Related - Bill Black's Cash Box Award. Black's award plaque from Cash Box magazine, presented to him in recognition of Bill Black's Combo's being voted "Best Instrumentalist of 1960" in the Cash Box Music Operators Poll. The award measures 15" x 15" and is in Excellent condition. Estimate: $1,000 - up. Opening bid 500 US Dollars 


Elvis Presley Related - Bill Black's Billboard Achievement Award. Part of Billboard magazine's Thirteenth Annual Disk Jockey Poll, presented to Bill Black's Combo in recognition for their being voted the "Most Played Instrumental Group of 1960." Black was Presley's bass player for many years until falling out with Presley over financial matters, at which point he formed Bill Black's Combo. The award measures 14" x 17" and is in Excellent condition. Estimate: $1,000 - up Opening bid 500 US Dollars


Elvis Presley Related - Bill Black's "White Silver Sands" In-House Gold Single Award. Presented by Hi Records to Bill Black to commemorate the sale of his one-millionth record, specifically this 1957 Red Matthews tune covered by Bill Black's Combo in 1960. Black's version reached #7 in the Billboard Pop Chart and #1 on the R&B Sides chart. The plaque measures 12" x 15" is in Very Fine to Excellent condition. Estimate: $1,000 - up. Opening bid 500 US Dollars.


Elvis Presley Related - Bill Black's Billboard Music Week Achievement Award (1962). This 8" x 12" x 5.5" award was presented to Bill Black's Combo for being voted "The Most-Played Instrumental Group" in the 15th Annual Billboard Music Week Record Artists Popularity Poll for 1962. Black was bass player for Elvis Presley until they split over financial terms in 1958; afterwards, he joined and later led a Memphis Rockabilly group that became the popular Combo, until his tragic death from a brain tumor in 1965. The award is in Fine to Very Very Fine condition with some areas of mild wear and tarnishing. A fantastic rarity. Estimate: $1,000 - up. Opening bid 500 US Dollars


Elvis Presley Related - Bill Black's Posthumous RCA Records Award. Presented posthumously to Black on January 8, 1999, in recognition of his part in the Blue Moon Boys' contribution to Elvis' success. Black (along with Scotty Moore and D. J. Fontana) performed in Presley's back-up band from 1954 to 1958, before splitting with Elvis over financial matters. The award measures 4.5" x 11.25" x 3.5" and is in Excellent condition. Estimate: $500 - up. Opening bid 250 US Dollars.


Elvis Related - Bill Black's Commemorative Award from RCA. This striking and unique award was presented by the record label to Black posthumously in 1997 "to commemorate the years with Elvis Presley and your contribution to music history." Black was Elvis' bass player and member of the side band the Blue Moon Boys for several years before breaking away from the music icon over financial matters and going on to form Bill Black's Combo. The award measures 34.5" x 22" and is in Excellent condition. Estimate: $1,000 - up. Opening bid 500 US Dollars


Elvis Related - Bill Black's Suit Coat. A black wool coat with brown lapels and trim, from Lasky Bros. on Memphis' famous Beale Street, owned and worn by Black. In Very Fine condition with some wear to the lapels. Estimate: $1,500 - up. Opening bid 750 US Dollars


Other items include:

THIS ONE DID NOT SELL: Elvis Presley Signed Humes High School Library Card (1948).  It may be Elvis' earliest Memphis "autograph"! It's a Humes High School library card, signed in 1948 by the 13-year old future celebrity shortly after the Presley family moved to Memphis from Tupelo, Mississippi. The card was originally discovered by a Humes High School librarian while clearing some old books from inventory. The book was The Courageous Heart: A Life of Andrew Jackson for Young Readers (The Bobbs-Merrill Company, copyright 1934), a copy of which we've included here. As a bonus, also included are commemorative copies of two Humes High School Yearbooks, one from 1953 (Elvis' senior year), the other from 1957, which has a special full page photo of Elvis complete with stamped autograph and a dedication from the new (since 1953) superstar to his alma mater.

The original copy of the 1953 yearbook belonged to one of Elvis' classmates who had Elvis' sign near his photo. Accompanied by a COA from Rick Consola. Estimate: $6,000 - up. Opening Bid 3,000 US Dollars

SOLD FOR USD 4182.50

Elvis Presley "Doncha' Think It's Time" Experimental Disc 1 of 2 (1976). RCA's Indianapolis plant made just two copies of this particular title when testing a process whereby all label information is actually stamped, or embossed, right into the vinyl itself, rather than printed on paper and affixed to the disc during the stamping procedure. The result is slightly raised lettering, somewhat similar to Braille. While both sides of the disc play the original 1958 Elvis hit, the "label" imprint is for "One For the Money," a 1976 Soul single by the Whispers -- a convenient hit record being produced at that same time. This experiment did not give the intended result and the idea was immediately scrapped. Estimate: $3,000 - up


WCUE Elvis Presley Concert Tickets and Letter (1956-58). Elizabeth (Libby) Ann Williams won two tickets to see Elvis Presley perform in Cleveland, Ohio on Friday, November 23, 1956. Here is her original letter from Akron radio station WCUE announcing her win, the two ticket stubs, plus two baggage claim stubs from her Greyhound bus trip, the paper envelope that contained the tickets (with Libby's penciled notations), plus an envelope and card announcing her fourth place win in a later WCUE Elvis contest. Some of the items have tape residue; overall condition is Good to Very Good. Estimate: $1,000 - up.Opening bid 500 US Dollars


Ann-Margret and Other Elvis Girls Autograph Group. Includes b&w 8" x 10" photos signed by Ann-Margret, Deborah Walley, Cynthia Pepper (with Hugh Hefner's autograph on the reverse), and Suzanna Leigh, plus a photocopy of the final draft script for Follow That Dream (120 pages, dated May 29, 1961) inscribed and signed on the front cover by Anne Helm, with a b&w 8" x 10" promo still also signed by Helm bound with the script. Items are in Excellent condition. Accompanied by James Spence Authentication auction LOA. Estimate: $600 - up. Opening bid 300 US Dollars


Elvis Presley Framed Photo Inscribed to George Klein (1958). Elvis never looked more like the King of Rock and Roll than during his Jailhouse Rock period, and this promotional photo was taken during the filming of that most classic of Presley films. We've never seen another autographed copy, which increases the "Wow!" factor of an already desirable treasure! But that's not all! The inscription is to Elvis' lifelong friend, George Klein, who had received the photo from MGM Studios in 1957, then had Presley sign it the night before he departed for service in the US Army on March 24, 1958. The oversized 10" x 12" is in stunning color, and Elvis' inscription is personal and playful, beginning "DJ uh..." mimicking Klein's own signature radio salutation, "This is DJ...uh, GK...". Klein had it in his personal collection more than 40 years. The photo is professionally mounted on a backing board, and professionally matted and framed to an overall size of 17" x 20". Comes with a handwritten letter of provenance from Klein, dated July 18, 2000. Requires third party shipping. Estimate: $8,000 - up. Opening bid 6,000 US Dollars.

SOLD FOR USD 7170.00

Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii Contact Sheets. Set of 46 b&w 8" x 10" contact sheets featuring images taken on the set of the 1961 musical-comedy. Never been seen or published before! Each sheet bears approximately one dozen images, including shots of Elvis, Joan Blackman, Angela Lansbury, Howard McNear, director Norman Taurog, and others. All have date stamps on the back ranging from April 24- May 4, 1961. In overall Very Fine to Excellent condition. Estimate: $600 - up. Opening bid 300 US Dollars.

SOLD FOR USD 4182.50

Elvis Presley's Hits - The Sheet Music Collection (1956-63). Spectacular collection of sheet music of tunes from Elvis' most prolific and important recording years. This one has it all, virtually all of his biggest hits of the era plus obscure soundtrack tunes and B-sides, most with gorgeous photos of Elvis on the front. There are 158 songs represented, with alternate versions of many, resulting in a binder count of some 180 sheets! They are in remarkable condition, averaging Near Mint, and neatly displayed alphabetically with dividers in a sturdy dark green binder. Also includes an index of songs represented. The binder shows some wear consistent with age, but has protected the precious sheet music for decades, and it will be an impressive addition to any bookshelf. From "A Big Hunk O' Love" to "(You're the) Devil in Disguise" -- A to Z (well, to Y at least!). It's Elvis' music as you've never seen it! Go to to review the song index and the binder. Estimate: $5,500 - up. Opening bid 2,700 US Dollars.


Elvis own 16 mm copy of Loving You sold for USD 9560.00

A TCB Neckless sold for USD 10.755.00

A Blue Hawaii movie Poster  and program sold for USD 4481.25

A 68 promo poster sold for USD 1449.59

A 1971 Show contract sold for USD 7170.00

The higest bid on an Elvis item was for his signed Army Draft Card it went for amazing USD 26290.00

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