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News createt: 23-11-2010

Spotlight of the Day November 23rd 2010

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This is the true story Elvis made Larry Geller promise to tell. It was Larry who sat in meditation with Elvis for hours or for brief moments before a show. It was Larry whom Elvis could talk with about his deepest beliefs. Larry became one of Elvis' closest confidants. He knew a side of Elvis that few others knew, and fewer understood. Not until now have we had the chance to know him as he would have wanted us to.

You will read passages from his favorite books, with quotes and pictures of the philosophers and spiritual thinkers he admired: Paramahansa Yogananda, Kahlil Gibran and many others. You will view photographs of never-before-seen actual pages from some of those books, including The Prophet, with notes and comments in his own handwriting. Maybe best of all, you will listen in on intimate conversations that Elvis and Larry shared on a myriad of subjects over the years, including his feelings about the women in his life, the future of his career and life after death.

What Larry describes of Elvis here will shock some people. It's guaranteed to surprise you. Because what you will discover is a side of Elvis that was so intimate and personal, he never publicly let it out in words, only through his music.

As Larry explains: Elvis charged me with this responsibility, empowering me and inspiring me to write this book when he said, 'The world knows Elvis Presley all right, but they don't know me. I want them to know me, the real person. Larry, I'm counting on you.'

Take a walk with Elvis and Larry through the heart and soul of Elvis the seeker. No matter how much you may already know of Elvis, you will come away feeling that you know him far better for having experienced Leaves of Elvis' Garden.                          

Signed by Larry Geller


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