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News createt: 27-11-2010

Still making hits

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"Looking for that perfect stocking stuffer? Why not give the gift of rock and roll?

A new album mixes Elvis Presley classics with a modern twist and Action News 5 got an exclusive look at how it all came together.

"Viva Elvis" is the latest in a long list of Elvis Presley hits. The album comes eight months after the opening of Cirque De Soleil's "Viva Elvis" show at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas.

"The album is not a cast album," said the album's executive producer Adam Block, of Sony Music Entertainment. "It's not a remix album. It is an Elvis Presley album as though he made it this year with an ear and an eye for what's happening today."

The album covers the entire span of Presley's career.

"Technically, now we can hear Elvis' performances cleaner and clearer," said Rob Santos, vice-president of A&R at Sony Music Entertainment. "You can hear his voice in a way you never have before."

You can also see his influence like never before.

The songs are the same ones used in "Viva Elvis" the show. The performers and musicians say the show was a labor of love and they were inspired by the King's famous home.

"Once we got to Memphis and Graceland, wow, that's when everything changed," said Michael McNamara, one of the show's performers. "After that Graceland trip, everyone came back with so much more emotion. You could just tell the way people were performing things it was different."

The minds behind the album and show say they're hard work wasn't just for fans; it was also for the King himself.

"Elvis gave so much to all of us, but it's really incredible now to give back to him," said Elvis' ex-wife Priscilla Presley.

When it debuted, "Viva Elvis" was in the upper half of the Billboard 100."

Source: WMC-TV