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News createt: 03-12-2010

For Sale: 1957 Pink&Black Cadillac & TCB Tour Bus

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"Linda, my wife and I, Bill Kinard, own lots of items that once belonged to Elvis Presley. We inherited them from a gentleman who use to have them in a museum, "Professional Sports Hall of Fame, Inc. Museum", in Oregon. The owner Bruce Buseman died and left the assets of the museum to Bill & Linda Kinard, who own "Legacy Hall of Fame, Inc.".

We have closed our museum and decided to retire and simply enjoy life.

The following items are "FOR SALE"!

1. Elvis' 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac. The documents include a picture of the 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac from a 1950's magazine that says, "Elvis owns a fleet of Cadillacs, one of which is a 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac"! There is a picture of Elvis kneeling beside the 1957 Cadillac on the cover of "George Klien's book", and a better picture inside the book. There was a video on EPE's web site showing the Cadillac being driven out the gates of Graceland.

Note: The Cadillac needs to be restored. We have the original bumpers and chrome that was taken off by a "third party" and are missing only a couple of the original items, which we believe he still has and we are trying to get the gentleman to return to us. It was his idea to strip the car, repaint it, and have the chrome redone to look brand new. However, he did not complete the job he started.

2. Elvis' tour bus called the "TCB Tour Bus" that Elvis purchased and gave to "JD Sumner & the Stamps Quartet".

Before that they were in "Yesterday's Village Fantastic Museum", in Yakima, Washington. The owners are Jim Schmit and Del Matthews. Both of these gentlemen are alive and can verify where the items came from.

Jim knew Elvis personally and Elvis stayed at Jim Schmits' home when he performed in "Lake Tahoe".

Jim Schmit, bought Elvis 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac and later sold it to Bruce Buseman, who died and left it to Bill & Linda Kinard.

Jim Schmit and Del Matthews bought the famous "TCB Tour Bus" from a celebrity group called, "The Kentucky Headhunters".

The Kentucky Headhunters purchased the bus from "Glen Tadlock", the bus driver for both Elvis and JD Sumner.

Glen Tadlock bought the bus from none other than "JD Sumner" himself.

JD Sumner in a interview in "1978" said, "That Elvis gave JD $120,000 to purchase a bus", "not a blank check".

As we all know this is the bus that Elvis almost wrecked the very first day it was delivered to "Elvis".

Elvis did give JD Sumner "2 blank checks" to purchase buses, one was a "GMAC". We know this because it is in the "for block" and the other was for "T G Sheppard" a bus.

One check is filled out for "$21,000" for the "GMAC' tour bus, which must have been the "down payment"? The other check was filled out for "$25,000", and we have "no clue" what this check was to JD Sumner for, because their is "nothing written in the for block"?

We have the "Title & Registrations" going all the way back to "JD Sumner & the Stamps Quartet", signed by "JD Sumner", to present owners, "Legacy Hall of Fame, Inc., Bill & Linda Kinard"!

On the bus there were other items that once belonged to Elvis Presley, according to the documents, photos, newspaper articles, magazine articles, and a book to verify these items.

1. A white jump suit was on the TCB Bus by "Glen Tadlock" who use to drive for Elvis and JD Sumner. The document claims that this white Eagle jump suit was made for the "Aloha" tour? Dr. Nick examined the suit and said, "This is the actual jump suit Elvis wore" and he can prove it because it was "soaked in sweat", which is "DNA"!

2. A "Red Concert Jacket": With document saying this jacket was taken from Elvis' limo. Dean, Dr. Nick's son said, "That this was Elvis' personal Red Concert Jacket and that he should know, he help Elvis get dressed the last 3 years of Elvis' life"!

3. A "Red Concert Scarf", "with drops of blood". Dean, Dr. Nick's son said, "Elvis, nicked himself and he used the red scarf to catch the blood"! Note: This scarf was found in the pocket of the Red Concert Jacket.

4. Elvis', "Karate Medallion Necklace: "Sold"! We sold this to one of the owners of "The King's Ransom Museum", in Las Vegas. Note: After proof and documents that it was the "genuine necklace"!

5. A "Yellow Scarf" from "1977 Concert", with photo of "Elvis handing the yellow scarf to a lady".

6. A "sheer white night gown", that belonged to "Priscilla Presley". A card attached to the night gown saying Priscilla had donated this night gown to an organization.

7. A solid "Gold Album Award", saying this award was presented to Elvis Presley, by RCA Records when Elvis sold his 1st one million records by RCA.

8. A "Gold Album Award" for "Blue Suede Shoes".

9. "2 Red Wine Glasses", with document claiming these were taken from Elvis' limo.

10. "1 of Elvis' guitar picks", mounted on a plaque.

11. The "license plates and cover" from "Elvis' 1957 Pink & Black Cadillac.

12. A "guitar" signed by "all of Elvis' original band members".

13. We have "2 picture frames with Elvis' photo, locks of Elvis' hair, and certificate of authenticity".

14. We own at least "50 to 100 photos of Elvis", never ever released to the public. Note: These were taken by a lady friend who was a personal friend of Elvis. She took pictures with her camera and also had professional photos taken of Elvis.

15. We have photos of Elvis at the filming of "Frankie & Johnny" and "Jail House Rock".

16. We own "movie scrips by Warner Brothers" and the "16 MM Film".

17 - 1,000 and more: We own over 1,000 items from the 50's 60's, and etc., to include, promotional items, jewelry, magazines, and etc.

18. We own a "Elvis comic book". The only one we know of with Elvis in the comic?

Note: We own other celebrity items as well!



William E. Kinard"


Please contact us (Elvis Unlimited) for further information