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News createt: 08-12-2010

Sherrill needs help

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"Felton Jarvis (Elvis’ producer) wrote, “Sherrill was Elvis’ favorite singer. Elvis brought such happiness to so many of us with his music. Sherrill brought such happiness to Elvis with his music. I have spent many, many hours sitting with Elvis at Graceland, on the road, and in recording studios, listening to Sherrill sing for him. I believe this to be some of his happiest times.”

It’s not a secret that EP loved the voice of Sherrill Nielsen. During a Las Vegas show, Elvis introduced him as “the greatest tenor in gospel music.” In Elvis’ final years, Sherrill became an integral part of his music both on stage and in the recording studio. For instance, you can hear Sherrill singing harmony with Elvis on “Blue Spanish Eyes,” “Help Me” and the high falsetto ending on “Unchained Melody.” Sherrill is well known to fans for singing “O Solo Mio” as an intro to “It’s Now Or Never” during Elvis’ concerts, and for the unusual “Softly, As I Leave You,” where Sherrill sings and Elvis recites the words. On the back of Sherrill's first paycheck Elvis wrote, "God loves you, but He loves you best when you sing." Sherrill has given his life to the music so many of us have loved for many years and now he needs our help!

In March of 2010, Sherrill and Brenda were performing in Europe when a blood clot was found in his leg. They flew home to Alabama, where he developed pneumonia. Then, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Currently, Sherrill is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. They have health insurance, but it’s not covering everything and those uninsured medical expenses continue to soar. This presents them with a serious financial problem, because Sherrill and Brenda have been unable to perform and earn an income since the first of 2010.

Please help:

1. Pray for Sherrill

2. Spread the word to others

3. Log on and digitally download the album. We are now in the process of manufacturing three additional albums which will also be placed on as soon as possible. They are: “Distilled Gospel,” “Voice Reunites,” and “Sherrill Nielsen and Voice.” Sherrill and Brenda will receive 100% of the net profits from all four of these albums to hopefully help defer some of those soaring medical costs.

But the most needful and best way to help is by sending donations (as often as possible) directly to Sherrill Nielsen, P.O. Box 2626, Cullman, AL 35056.

Respectfully yours,

Harrison Tyner"