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News createt: 24-12-2010

Myrna Smith At Hospice

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Sorry to be the messenger for the bad news:

Hi Henrik,

This is a hard Email for me to write. Myrna is still in the hospital & I found out last night that hospice has been brought in. This means that dialysis treatments have been stopped and no other life support procedures will be implemented. I visited Myrna last night, it is very hard indeed to see her like this. But, I do believe this is what is best for Myrna, because for some time now she has been existing (not living), & she has been getting progressively worse. I will do my best to keep you updated. Please keep Myrna in your prayers.

Please Note: (i) Please don't send cards or mail to Myrna at the Canyon Oaks Center address at this time. Myrna's friend Diane will pick up the mail accumulated there & we will read it to Myrna. (ii) At this time, I don't know what Myrna's immediate financial needs will be, so you may want to hold off sending checks to Myrna's account at Premier America Credit Union until I know & can inform you. I do promise that they money so lovingly donated will continue to be used only for Myrna's expenses.