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News createt: 18-01-2011

20 souvenir Elvis banknote fools bank clerk

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£20 souvenir Elvis banknote fooled a bank clerk who took it for real money in a German bank.

You might think that this does not happen very often, but then you'd be wrong! 60,000 fake bank notes - and not just with Elvis on them - wound up at The German Central Bank last year. Specimens of these fakes are displayed in Frankfurt.

Most of the fake Elvis notes come in 200 euro denominations, but are also found in sterling.

'Obviously it is a fraud but it entered the banking system so someone got some real money for it,' said a bank spokesman.

Elvis banknotes can be found for sale on Ebay for £1.49

The counterfeit £20 bank note featuring Elvis Presley that a teller mistakenly accepted

Source: Daily Mail