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News createt: 05-02-2011

Elvis, Bruce Lee, Jim Morrison and more in Marvel Comic

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A new Marvel Comic called Comeback Kings, starting in March, features characters based on Elvis, Bruce Lee, Tupac Shakur, Jim Morrison, and Andy Kaufmann as a super-secret team of super-spies, who faked their own deaths as part of “Project Resurrection.”

The creators of the comic say, "Well, Elvis hasn’t quite given up the banana and peanut butter sandwiches. But he still feels like the Jailhouse Rock-era Elvis, thanks to Bruce’s training. We portray him as kind of a gregarious daredevil, who will pick up any weapon — a sword, a rocket launcher — as long as it makes him the King." 

"Our Elvis is also detoxed and in fighting shape. In real-life, Elvis was in the Army and also took karate lessons — a background that wouldn’t be out of place on any superhero’s resume."

Elvis, Tupac and Other Dead Celebs Liven Up COMEBACK KINGS