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News createt: 18-02-2011

The Sun Records Story on stage in Liverpool, Australia

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"In the 1950s, the rise of Sun Records heralded a new dawn - the birth of rock ‘n’ roll.

Audiences can go back to where it all began when The Sun Records Story performs, direct from the US, at Mounties tonight. 

Written by Bill Culp and Dave Tufford, the show combines music and dialogue to tell the story of the Memphis record label that began the careers of Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and countless others.

'It is part play, part concert and part history lesson,' Culp said.

'The Sun Records show is about a magical era that still resonates with musicians and their audience.'

The story begins in 1954, when an anonymous 19-year-old named Elvis Aaron Presley walked through the doors of Sam Phillips’ little-known studio in Memphis, Tennessee. Phillips saw his potential and signed him.

By 1956 Sun Records had its first pop hit with Carl Perkins’ rockabilly anthem Blue Suede Shoes.

And with the likes of Cash, Orbison and Lewis joining the ranks, Phillips’ humble studio soon became the breeding ground for the fledgling rock `n’ roll genre.

The Sun Records Story features Jim Yorfido as Cash, Djino LeFrancios as Presley, Bill Culp as Perkins, Dave Tufford as Lewis and Kevin Jollimore as Phillips.

The show combines all the great tracks of the era, including That’s All Right, Folsom Prison Blues, Great Balls of Fire and You’re Gonna Cry, plus many more.

'The music is timeless, without a doubt, and the musicians at the centre of it were originals who were true to themselves,' Culp said.

'They had authenticity and they weren’t contrived - they were real artists.'

The Sun Records Story starts at 8.30pm. Tickets are $30 for members and guests. To book, call Mounties on 9822 3566.

The Sun Records Story will be at Mounties tonight.

Source: Liverpool Leader