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News createt: 25-02-2011

Volbeat Legacy Protector of Graceland Randers

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Front man Michael Poulsen and the rest of Volbeat are now the first ambassadors for Graceland Randers, an event that took place as the band was given a tour of Graceland Randers before their sold out concert tonight. 

The aim is to find the perfect rock bands as ambassadors for Graceland Randers and who better to start off with than Volbeat, who are innovators themselves just as Elvis was, says Henrik Knudsen, the man behind the new tourist attraction. 

Michael Poulsen is a big Elvis fan and very proud of the appointment - We are all very happy to be appointed ambassadors of Graceland Randers. I have known Henrik for many years and have him to thank for my big Elvis collection. The people behind Elvis Presley Estate should realize this and support someone like Henrik, who has thrown so much business their way instead of working against him. What Henrik does also benefits their business.

Source and photography: Stig Ulrichsen