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News createt: 07-04-2011

2 unique additions to the Grand Opening!

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For the first time in Scandinavia... We're proud to present two unique additons to the Grand Opening of Graceland Randers:

Sonny West

Chief of Security and friend of Elvis, member of the so called "Memphis Mafia" for many years and author of the book "Elvis: Still Taking care of Business"


Sandi Pichon

Friend, met Elvis for the first time as an 11-year old in 1956, attended more than 150 concerts, author of the books "Raised on Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!" and "Elvis 75 Tour: Photos From the Heart"

We give you a unique chance to get even closer to Sandi & Sonny at our two events on 16th (sold-out) and 17th of April, 2011!

Der kunne desværre ikke linkes direkte til Billet - Exclusive Event - 17. april 2011 i shoppen.
Klik her for at søge efter produktet i shoppen.