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News createt: 28-06-2011 02:00:00

X-Factor winner Sarah came by!

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Sarah, winner of X-Factor 2011  stopped by Graceland Randers today.

She had a little tour of the house and as a very special treat, she was allowed to play Elvis' guitar from his tour 1975-76. A guitar, normally under lock and key. She is a big Elvis fan and sat on the couch in the Elvis Museum with the guitar in her hands, a wide grin and a happy sparkle in her eyes. Sarah had, in her own words, "An experience of a lifetime!"

Sarah, You rock! - Thank you so much for stopping by. It was a pleasure! We hope to see you here again soon.


Her er Sarah med Poul Foged fra Radio Alfa og hans datter.

Sammen med et par unge, mundlamme fætre