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News createt: 06-07-2011

Update on Sonny's condition

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July 5: "Today is Sonny's 73rd birthday. He is still in ICU. Before I left I gave him a gift and Jennie Carpenter had brought him something Sunday which I gave him yesterday. Judy was not at the hospital for the 3:00 visit on Sunday so I was allowed to let Jennie go in with me for 10 minutes. He was very happy to see her. Saturday we "snuck" Danny McCorkle in saying he was a brother - which he is like a brother to Sonny. I think they got wise to us because one of the nurses said what a big family Sonny had LOL...we are doing anything we can to make him smile and yet not tax his strength because he is very weak. I did take all the cards people had sent and he was very touched. When I read him the email from Linda Lou saying they had a prayer chain going he got tears in his eyes and said "God bless her"...I told him how many people loved him and were praying for him and for Judy and he was very touched.

Sonny has so many things going on and prayers are needed constantly. A large amount of fluid is still draining from his lungs and also from his chest. Sonny has congestive heart failure, and all the other issues, which I previously have spoken about, including the blood clots and staph infection, are still with him. The staph infection on his left wrist where it originated due to an IV rupturing and not being promptly removed is better. However he still has the staph in his lungs and in the blood clots. He is having a problem moving his legs due to the diabetes, the swelling and poor circulation. I am very concerned about his left foot as it is purple. The drs are aware of it and that is being addressed... They had thought to clamp off the drainage tube to see if his lungs would expand and the fluid would stop, but that wasn't possible because they keep filling up with fluid. They are x-rayng everyday to monitor this.

Yesterday he was very tired and didn't feel well at all. He is not eating because he can't swallow regular food- it chokes him. This is due to the irritation from the breathing tube. However the medication causes food to have a metallic taste so he isn't even eating the jello and broth. I told him if he doesn't eat they will put a tube or iv in because he needs the nourishment to build up his strength. Judy was going to talk to the dr about that. The nurses are aware. I haven't spoken to Judy this morning but I did speak to the nurse. He is making improvements PRAISE GOD, but still a long way to go.

As you all know, I have been a close friend of Sonny and his family for 37 years. I am also his personal assistant. If you want to send a card or donations, they can be sent to me at P O Box 161052, Memphis TN 38186.

Thank you all for your prayers



July 6: "Sandi: Wonderful News: Sonny is much improved. His breathing has improved, he is in good spisrits, they are starting physical therapy. PRAYER IS SO POWERFUL!!!"

Please keep Sonny in your thoughts. All of us at Graceland Randers are praying along with the rest of you.