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News createt: 12-07-2011

Festival in our back yard Friday

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On Friday we'll have a Festival (GRØN Koncert) practically in our back yard (On the opposite side of Graceland Randers Vej, by our parking lot).


  • 1:30 PM  Dúné
  • 2:20 PM  Medina
  • 3:20 PM  De Eneste To
  • 4:20 PM  Tim Christensen
  • 5:20 PM  Kato & Friends
  • 6:10 PM  TV2
  • 7:20 PM  Kashmir
  • 8:25 PM  Nik & Jay

In connection with this we wish to point out that it is not permitted to enjoy your own brought along food and drink anywhere on the Graceland Randers property (including the parking lot).

We're looking forward to this big day and hope, that many of you will support GRØN koncert, arranged to benefit the muscular Dystrophy Foundation.

GRØN Koncert - buy tickets