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News createt: 13-07-2011

Update on Sonny

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Update from Sandi Pichon:

"I spoke with Sonny this morning. He is still very weak and in a lot of pain. He said his feet have practically no feeling, and what he does feel is burning and pain...that it feels like someone tied something around his ankles and cut off the blood. The drs are having second thoughts about him going home this week as they said if he has a relapse it could be worse than the original complications. They have now decided not to send him home with a pic line as they want the staph more under control before he goes home, which is a great idea to me. They want to be able to give him oral medication to further diminish the infection. Staph is such a serious and often deadly infection that I am glad the drs are being diligent about it. The blood clots are another serious issue. While he is not on oxygen, he did get out of breath talking, so I told him not to talk (and you all know how Sonny likes to talk LOL). He said the physical therapy is like a Catch 22 - he is totally exhausted when he finishes, but knows in the end he will be stronger. In the meantime, keep up the prayers because they are working! It pleases me so much when I get so many cards for him. He said this morning that he was so touched that these cards are hand written - in today's world of computers - that people think enough of him to take the time to write a note in a card just warms his heart. Thank you again. He still thinks he is going to be able to do the Labor Day event in New Hampshire. He asked me to be sure he had a wheel chair to and from the plane...I hope he is right, but I'll reserve my opinion until I see his progress after he gets home. I am delighted that he is so positive and optimistic, but still have my reservations. Just don't want him to put himself in a strain too soon. Thank you again for your care and concern.