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News createt: 25-08-2011 01:00:00

Chris Isaak covers Sun

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Chris Isaak says his forthcoming album, Beyond the Sun, is “an album he’s been wanting to do probably his whole life.” A collection of cover versions of songs made famous by Sun Records artists, the disc hits record stores on October 18.

“If I had to be in a life or death situation, or on a game show or quiz show or something and they said, ‘Pick your category. What do you know about better than anything else, I’d have said Sun Studios,” Isaak said, in an interview with “Those guys – Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison , Jerry Lee Lewis, that's what I’m made of. That’s in my DNA. So to go in there and do this album was pretty special.”

High points on the disc include covers of Cash’s “Ring of Fire,” Presley’s “It’s Now or Never” and Lewis’s “Great Balls of Fire.” As implied by the album title, however, Isaac also includes material recorded by Sun artists after they left the legendary label.

“The common link to all the songs is they're all by somebody that Sun founder Sam Phillips discovered and recorded,” Isaak said. “What we tried to do is show you here's what they recorded at Sun, then maybe pick another couple of songs from later in their career. It’s kind of showing where rock ’n’ roll started and what it grew into.”