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News createt: 21-09-2011

Billy Stanley married to Norwegian

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"When Norwegian Elvis fan Monica Paulsen went to Memphis to visit the gravesite of the King 24 years ago she coincidentally met a man named Bill Stanley.

As it turned out, Bill was Elvis' step brother and the then only 17-year old girl fell madly in love. Monica Paulsen decided that she was too young to marry, so she returned to Norway and eventually married a Norwegian man.

After her divorce and 22 years after their first meeting, she added him as a friend on Facebook.

- When I saw the pictures of her on Facebook I immediately remembered the sweet Norwegian girl I had met at the hotel in Memphis. She was still very beautiful and now all grown up, says Bill Stanley to Norway's "Se og Hør".

After the contact had been established online, Monica went to Memphis several times and the two recently married in Nashville.

Elvis had a twin brother, who unfortunately was stillborn, so he grew up as an only child until his father, Vernon remarried in 1960, thus making Bill Stanley his new brother.

- When we were brought into his life he suddenly gained three brothers. He was a very caring big brother and I miss him every day, Billy explains in the interview."

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