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News createt: 23-09-2011 12:00:00

New Project from M.R.S & JAT

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'The Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives 1954-1956': Coming in 2011 from the ‘Memphis Recording Service’, in association with‘Joseph A Tunzi’ (JAT Productions), is a release for the first time on CD, the complete live recordings of the Louisiana Hayride performances by Elvis Presley. 

All of the 29 tracks therein are re-mastered using the most sophisticated technology.  It will include restored and more complete versions of many of the tracks than ever before.

The CD will also contain the recent discovery of Elvis’ last performance on the Louisiana Hayride in December 1956. This will be a more complete version of the show and for the first time, be speed and pitch corrected, which Sony has failed to master for their upcoming release. 

The 100 page bonus book has many rare and newly discovered photographs that were due to be shown first, in the upcoming FTD Sun book.

More details and a firm release date coming soon

Source: EIN