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News createt: 01-10-2011

Elvis topic of legal education seminar

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"Elvis was fascinating," said Russell Fowler, the associate director of Legal Aid East Tennessee. "He was not litigious, never sued anybody. He'd fire someone and then give them $50,000 to be nice. But when he died, litigation sprang from everywhere."

Elvis the King of Rock and Roll spawned Elvis the lawsuit - a whole lotta lawsuits. Now all those cases are helping other attorneys study the law.

Legal Aid of East Tennessee is sponsoring a continuing education session billed as “Elvis Law. The state and federal cases dealing with the late King of rock 'n' roll.”

Lawyers attending will get three hours toward a required 15 hours of continuing education each year. To attract attention in an email announcing the session, the legal aid group showed a famous 1970 photo of Elvis and Richard Nixon.

Topics will include ownership of Elvis’ name, likeness and image; media access to his autopsy records; disputes over concert tickets sold before he died and other issues.

Sources: The Washington Times and ABA Journal