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News createt: 05-11-2011

Elvis & Marylin in new Facebook-game

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Marilyn Monroe & Elvis team up for "Retro World" game

Presley and Monroe are both "starring" characters in Entertainment Games' episodic, free-to-play adventures of "Retro World," which will launch on Facebook on November 8 before expanding to Google+ and tablet devices.

But in an unusual twist, Presley and Monroe won't play themselves. Just like in Hollywood, they play characters within the serialized point-and-click adventure games.

Entertainment Games is banking on nostalgia and story driven content to connect with the older demographic communing on Facebook and adopting new technology like tablets.

In the "Owl Files," the first "Retro World" launch, Monroe plays a 1960s-era spy. Another series features Presley as a doctor -- just as he was in his final film, "Change of Habit."

The format allows the stars to appear in multiple games over time as different characters, and both icons will also be available for purchase as custom avatars for players to explore the game world with.

Besides adventure games, players can buy, customize and race classic cars, or join in arcade-style mini-games like Mahjong with friends.

The games all run on the Heyday platform, which allows developers to take licensed images from Spiegel, Corbis and Getty and create interactive experiences in decades ranging from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Entertainment Games has partnered with Dick Clark to serve as the game world's host -- appearing as he did in the '70s -- and also available as a premium avatar. Clark will also deliver content that players can purchase as "Retro World" expands.

Source: Reuters