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News createt: 13-11-2011

Ginger Alden, is 55 today

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It is very hard to believe, that It is 34 years since Elvis left this earth and that his last girlfriend Ginger Alden, is 55 today.

Ginger met Elvis for the first time in ’61 through her farther, that was Presleys introduction Officer, when Elvis was drafted for the military in ’58.

Ginger was the last person to see Elvis alive and the first to see his dead body on Aug. 16th ’77. They had played a game of racquetball. Elvis went up to read a book, in the upstairs bathroom and Ginger took a nap. Later she found him lifeless in the bathroom.

According to Ginger, Elvis proposed to her and the wedding was to be held in December, later that year.

Efter Elvis’ passing, Ginger went on to have a career in modelling, radio, tv and movies.