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News createt: 15-11-2011

55 years ago today - Love Me Tender premiered

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By the fall of 1956, "Introducing Elvis Presley" was an entirely unnecessary statement. The 21-year-old was already a star: His single "Heartbreak Hotel" had sold more than a million copies, pushing him to the forefront of the burgeoning rock & roll movement in America. Yet his first film, Love Me Tender, billed him at the bottom of the poster – a nod to the fact that his part had originally been minuscule, yet was completely rewritten during shooting to accommodate the singer’s exploding fame.

Love Me Tender, a Civil War-era drama with occasional musical numbers, fared respectably at the box office, grossing approximately $4 million in its opening months. Teen girls flocked to theaters and screamed hysterically through each of Presley’s appearances – The same demographic had proven inconsolable during test screenings when Presley’s character dies in gunfire at the end of the movie. To console his fans, Presley shot an additional closing scene in which he reprises the title song, and it was added to the film before release.