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News createt: 18-11-2011

Luke Wilson and Kevin Connolly onboard in Elvis & Nixon movie adaptation

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It is now reported that Luke Wilson (Owen Wilson’s brother, known for Old School) and Kevin Connolly (known for the series Entourage), is onboard the before mentioned movie adaptation of Elvis & Nixon, that has Eric Bana in the role as Elvis Presley and Danny Houston as President Nixon. The movies director is the actor Cary Elwes, this will be his debut as director.

As the movie’s title implies, it is centred around the meeting Elvis and Nixon in 1970. Luke Wilson talks about playing Sonny West, Red West’ cousin and member of Presley’s “Memphis Mafia”. Kevin Connolly will play a limo driver, named Ronny.

Otherwise it sounds like we finally have a lot to look forward to, if as fan you are craving an Elvis Biographical movie. There are said to be 4 in total in the making, the next few years, if agreements can be made, regarding the rights to Elvis and his music etc.

Source: Hollywood Rapporter