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Priscilla Presley bets on Home Collection

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Viva Las Vegas! Priscilla Presley bets on Home Collection.

LAS VEGAS - Thirty-four years after The King's death, Vegas was all shook up again by the Priscilla Presley Home Collection at the winter home-furnishings market.

Although her marriage to Elvis made her a household name, Priscilla Presley established her own career as an author, actress and businesswoman. Her latest venture into home decor is an all-encompassing effort featuring furniture, lighting, art and accessories created in collaboration with H Studio and its artist and founder, Shlomi Haziza.

With more than 120 pieces debuting, the idea is to sell the collection as a whole. Beds, nightstands, lamps, picture frames, mirrors, vanity tables, stools, storage containers, rugs, candleholders, centerpieces, pillows, bookends and shelves are just some of the collection's components. Within that there are the Gothic Modern and the Vintage Eclectic lines.

"We want people to see it all put together and hopefully want to have it in their own home," Presley said in an interview.

"When Shlomi and I first discussed this, we both agreed that the line would have balance -- the yin and yang, the male and female," she said, pointing out two vases in the showroom as an example.

"I call them Adam and Eve. One represents the masculine, the other the feminine. That is the whole basis of our collection. It has to have balance because a man has to feel as comfortable as a woman," she explained.

What makes this celebrity line different is that it is very personal. Presley would discuss what she wanted with Haziza, and he would draw up the design.

"He is the first artist who ever really got me," she said.

"There isn't one piece here that I wouldn't have in my own home. It reflects what I love and how I feel."

An animal lover and equestrian, although she does not ride now, Presley chose three dominant motifs: horses, doves and butterflies.

"Horses represent power and beauty and strength. The doves are for peace and sensitivity. Everyone loves a dove!" she said.

"I have been decorating homes for a long time," Presley said.

"When I was a young girl. I would change my mother's rooms. She never knew what she was going to come home to, you know? I'd stack stuff up and I'd move the furniture around.

"People tend to play it safe and they don't want to go out of the box, out of what is the so-called norm. I have never really been that way. I have always liked that element of surprise.

"From her Vintage Eclectic Collection comes the outsized Sentiment Bed, which can be done in gray, aubergine or marbled amethyst velvet. The frame comes in queen, king and California-king sizes.

"There are three things people look for when they are buying furniture. First, it has to look good; second, it has to be comfortable; and third is practicality. So I would say the collection is unique, it's stylish and it's practical at the same time."