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News createt: 21-03-2012 10:00:00

Lisa's new album digs up southern roots

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Lisa Marie Presley digs up southern roots on her new album

Lisa Marie Presley pays homage to her southern heritage in her new album "Storm and Grace" set for release in May after a five-year hiatus from the music industry.

The singer's third album "Storm and Grace", harks back to Presley's southern roots, and was produced by Grammy-winning country producer T Bone Burnett - he calls Presley "a southern American folk music artist of great value."

Presley, who found herself in a "considerably disheartened and un-inspired state creatively," wrote the album over an eight-month period in England, working with artists such as Richard Hawley from Brit band Pulp and Fran Healy of the group Travis.

The album is due for release on May 15.


Source: edmonton journal