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News createt: 30-03-2012 10:00:00

Lisa Marie not satisfied with son in law

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Lisa Marie Presley Doesn't Want Riley Keough Marrying Alex Pettyfer


Apparently Lisa Marie Presley is livid about Riley Keough's engagement to Alex Pettyfer.

A close source dishes:

"Lisa Marie doesn’t believe this marriage has a chance in hell of lasting. Riley has horrible taste in men. She’s dated womanizing pop star Ryan Cabrera and a number of irrespon­sible, pretty-boy male model-types.

She’s worried that Alex just wants to sink his hands into the Pre­sley family fortune.

Lisa Marie doesn’t trust Alex. She thinks he’s bad news – young and immature and too much of a playboy charmer. She will do anything to prevent Riley from enduring the heartache she has suffered. But the more she objects to the nuptials, the more Riley seems determined to marry Alex."

But we can understand where Lisa Marie is coming from… she's had four weddings herself - one being to Michael Jackson!