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News createt: 26-04-2012 14:15:00

Special exhibition - Elvis paintings

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At Friday April 27th the artist school Bifrost will open a special exhibition at Graceland Randers. There will be exhibited 12 Elvis paintings in size 80x60 cm. The opening of the exhibition will begin at 1 pm. The exhibition will be in the museum at Graceland Randers until May 28th. The price for the exhibition is a entre ticket to the museum. 

Bifrost is a art school for mentally disapled in Randers. The art school has existed since 1995 where they had 10 students. Now they have 20 students after having an expansion. The art school’s 5 teachers do all have an pedagogical and artistic background and do also work with their own artistic expressions in their spare time. On Bifrost you get the opportunity to engage in an artistic environment, where the students develop their abillities, immerse themselves and find new ways to express themselves. The students from Bifrost have besides Denmark exhibited in Japan, Ireland, Germany, Scotland, Hungary, France, Belgium and Finland.